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Social Services League of Lawrence

How to Thrift for Yourself & Help Someone Else:

By Terran R. Smith

This morning, two board members of the Social Service League of Lawrence speak out alongside AM 1320 KLWN host, Clenece Hills. Talking points surround the non-profit, its strides during the past 153 years of service and the organization’s future plans.

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Vintage and/or used clothes shopping is a trend surrounding millennials and society in general. Whether you’re a minimalist, enjoy sifting through one man’s treasures or simply want to help out with a local non-profit, the Social Services League of Lawrence is undoubtedly a shop to mark down on your next red-letter, shopping day.

The organization, orchestrated in Douglas County in 1886, continues to succeed based on the same goals with which it began. SSL takes clothing and accessory donation year-round and turns the items over to members of the community in need.

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From baby clothing to prom dresses, the organization focuses on what needs are at hand while also serving locals with products they  desire or, perhaps, desperately deserve.

Manager Lisa Purdon touches on this subject and says, “When introduced to new forms of generosity, people, especially the youth, are given the inspiration to volunteer.” Purdon continues by pushing personable and purely present variable of the local community.

Director’s Board Vice President, Meg Davis, looks beyond the legacy with comments on the future of the organization and goals at hand.

“This spring, and it took a lot of work, we were able to give away a few hundred prom dresses,” says Davis.
“It is so worth it to be able to have young girls come in and pick from so many items for such a special occasion in an adolescents’ life.”

The organization will continue to involve the local community through creative events such as: fashion shows, eyeglass sales, handmade jewelry and more. Preservation is always a key goal for SSL; however, the need for supply and demand always rest against one another.

With the popularity of vintage fashion at hand, the importance of the organization’s overall goal seamlessly coincides with its service. Behind every service, of course, are the individuals who work diligently to provide.

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Volunteers are always needed. The more we streamline the process for volunteers, the more money the organization can make and, ultimately, the more people we can help. The donors in Lawrence crate a place where ‘recycling’ and simply helping one another is palpable,” said Purdon.

This organization’s teamed up with a number of other notable non-profits around the city, one of which, the Willow Domestic Violence Center, can be read up on by viewing previous posts on this site.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Social Services League of Lawrence, visit any of the hyperlinked images above or simply go to:
905 Rhode Island St. Lawrence, KS
You can also follow SSL via twitter @socialserviceleague

Thank you for reading and making a difference!



  1. Lawrence is a city known for a citizenry which is open-minded, kind and generous. It’s a honor to be associated with the Social Service League, which has for over 150 years existed by the generosity of others who look to our organization to utilize donations for the benefit and betterment of men, women and children struck by unfortunate circumstances. Thank you so much for helping us reach people who are in need along with those who would like to help either through donations or volunteerism.


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